BODEGAS EIDOSELA was founded in January 2003, when a group of enterprising winegrowers decided to breath life into their idea of creating their own wine cellar, to supply and support services to producers in the area. Bodegas Eidosela represents the strong tradition of Condado do Tea, a historic winemaking area since the days of the ancient Roman Empire. This project marks a path in the pursuit of excellence, making wines of the highest quality and making the values of wine culture known. Since wine making is an art, Bodegas Eidosela bases its image on outstanding personalities in the art world. The name Eidosela derives from combining Eidos and Sela, which are the names of the district and the parish belonging to the Town Council of Arbo, where Bodegas Eidosela has its installations. Our wines are made near the Miño, that "Grand" river that runs through Galicia where, in these parts, the famous, well appreciated lamprey is caught.


2003: Founding of the cooperative group of winemakers that was later to become Bodegas Eidosela

2006: Completion of the first harvest of Bodegas Eidosela in rented facilities.

2007: Start of construction of Bodegas Eidosela and the first harvest gathered in its facilities.

Update: Bodegas Eidosela is made up of 61 producer partners from seven municipalities that currently comprise the Condado subarea (Creciente, Arbo, Las Nieves, Puenteareas, Salvatierra, Salceda and Tui North), which provide the grapes used to produce the highest quality wines sold in 20 countries on four continents.



EIDOS DE ABAIXO, S/N - SELA - Telf: 986 66 55 50 - Fax: 986 66 52 99 - E-mail: info@bodegaseidosela.com

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